Spot Stock – Rapid Delivery

We provide worldwide delivery. No matter where you come from. We can all ship to your country.

Need to clarify: Our colleagues in our warehousing team will only ship after you place an order, and will conduct a visual inspection and movement time measurement. Each watch will be tested before shipment, and the quality inspection will eliminate defects, so the order will be shipped on the third day.
Individual models are out of stock, or the product is defective due to quality inspection, and it needs to be renewed for a day.

Shipped uniformly once a day.

Normally, the warehouse will be shipped at 10 pm on the third day after the order is placed, the appearance will be inspected, and the movement will be adjusted. The customer service email notification number will be issued the next morning.

In case of factory breaks on weekends and holidays, or temporarily out of stock products, or product defects replaced with new ones, or manufacturers missing orders, delivery time needs to be postponed;
Send EMS or DHL by default, usually arrive at destination 7 days after delivery

Shipping Process:

  1. First of all, we will have a dedicated person to check the appearance of the watch, whether there are any defects, whether there is dust, if there is, then replace it with the factory immediately!

Second, if there is no problem with the appearance, enter the movement detection process. We have a dedicated master to check the movement for each watch. If the data is abnormal, we will help adjust it. If we can’t adjust it, we still need to find a new one!

Some customers do not understand this time limit, we are willing to refund, and will not let go of the quality inspection standards, because there are any problems received, then the guests will think it is our problem.

  1. After all the quality inspections pass, we will enter the packaging. Our packaging will also be filled with foam and shockproof.
  2. We will take the initiative to ask customers to unpack and inspect the goods. We will bear all the consequences of transportation on the road. If the customer finds a problem and refuses to accept it, or immediately contact us for replacement and refund

Delivery Time: 7-15 Days To Receive The Package.