The watch factory itself produces watches without any packaging.

Packing boxes are produced by another special box factory.

Packaging boxes do not pursue simulation and craftsmanship like watches.

We ship by default as a normal box + bubble column, which wraps the watch and is very safe.
Bills, manuals, handbags, etc. are not available by default, because they are useless and waste!
If you need a ticket, please explain to the online customer service, you can give away

If it is a gift, you need a high-end gift box, you need to purchase another about 50 $, remember to explain to customer service. The gift box defaults to all notes, manuals, and handbags.

Many customers do n’t need boxes at all for their own use, so the price does not include the cost of counter boxes. If we send ordinary boxes by default, it will cause a lot of waste.