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EW [2020 Ingenuity] The strongest Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master 40 series ??Exclusively customized 3285 movement, can monotonate the hour hand, and the hour hand can be recalled to the calendar, restore all the original functions, kinetic energy storage up to 80 hours, stable and reliable quality; ?? Bezel: High-tech integrated ceramic outer ring, with platinum font; ??Case: the same size and thickness as the original, only 12.5 thick; ??Letter: top Swiss ice blue luminous, polished nails, color matching; The glass is matched with a 2.5x magnifying glass effect, and the glass is transparent; ??Steel strap: 904 stainless steel strap, each strap fits perfectly with the lugs, giving the wrist the highest comfort; The sincerity of the ingenious development of the EW factory;


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EW Factory Rolex All Gold Blue Water Ghost Mechanical Watch


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