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[The latest masterpiece in 2021] V2 upgraded version of Rolex top plaything version!?Rainbow series!?A symbol of manhood!?360-degree diamonds shine without dead ends!?Luxurious buckle full of diamonds!??1. Equipped with 2824 automatic movement machinery!?Strong stability!?2. The bezel inlay is optimized according to the 37 gemstones with the most harmonious transition of the original color. The height and angle are the same, and the refraction effect is very beautiful.??3. The case and clasp are all made of top-grade 904 steel, inlaid with top-grade natural amethyst, which is very shiny and extremely difficult.?4. Sapphire mirror!?Super luminous literal, the literal color is more delicate, and the visual effect is consistent with the original!??5. Standard crocodile strap + silicone strap!?Free special watch leather case and special watch disassembly tool!?6?.DR’s ingenious custom-made mold to make the strap connector completely fit the watch case perfectly, giving the highest comfort to the wrist. The 2cm flexible adjustment buckle in the button makes it easy to adjust the size and is very comfortable to wear.?The ingenious masterpiece has always been a dream, and now it is within reach, welcome your tasting!


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EW Factory Rolex Datejust Gold 36mm3235 Movement 904 Stainless Steel


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