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VR Factory Cola Circle V2 VR breaks through technical barriers to create an era node!?The first release of the strongest Clean Coke circle, creating the strongest copy in history – the V2 version of the Rolex Greenwich Coke Circle is shocking!?VR version of Clean: Exclusive use of gold alloy ceramic coloring process and skilled ceramic temperature-controlled sintering experience, to obtain the red and blue outer ring of the VR enhanced version of Clean with pure color and perfect gloss – the color can be 95% similar to the original, and the color and luster Beautiful is not afraid to draw!?The movement is equipped with VR Factory’s fourth-generation TOP3285 movement, each movement has its own independent number, the same genuine blue hairspring, and uses real KIF shock absorbers!?Red Ceramics (Gold and Copper Alloys) Grey Ceramics (Gold and Iron Alloys) Green Ceramics (Gold and Silver Alloys) VR Factory’s voyage – the “gold” always shines follow-up – stay tuned!


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Rolex Blaken Matte Black Rainbow Daytona 7750 Movement Modified 40mm


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