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Player Poison’s latest masterpiece!?ROLEX Rolex journal series, Rolex’s first journal star crocodile belt series!?It is inlaid with top-quality natural halite, which is very shiny and extremely difficult. At present, it is the most shiny technology of the same material.?No matter the cost, it is only perfect.?Redefine the highest quality Rolex Date, a symbol of luxury and noble status, suitable for important occasions!?Equipped with 2836 automatic movement machinery!?Strong stability!?Sapphire mirror!?The literal color is more delicate, making the visual effect consistent with the genuine product, and the anti-reflective convex transparent enlarged calendar window.??Case and clasp are made of top-grade 904 steel, inlaid with top-grade natural sapphire.?Size: 40mm in diameter.?The strap is American crocodile leather with the original folding buckle clasp, and the connection to the case head is more refined and optimized!?The lettering on the buckle details is also in place!?Re-engraved sincere masterpiece!?Let’s do it together once and for all!?Welcome to watch friends!


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Rolex Daytona rose gold tape black disc 7750 first-speed movement rolex


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