Thoughtful after-sale, strength guarantee
We cannot guarantee that the mechanical watch is 100% fault-free, but we guarantee that the after-sales service is 100% enthusiastic

After-sales service has always been the most serious problem in the replica watches industry. 90% of cousins ​​have encountered after-sales problems: a cold attitude, even bad. More seriously, the website went down and the seller could not be contacted.
Our professional customer service consultation and experienced technical team will solve the problems encountered in your purchase and use it as soon as possible. In terms of after-sales, we are absolutely unambiguous, and we resolutely abide by service commitments.
We can grow and survive in the turbulent Internet because we insist: integrity is the same.
What we sell is not a watch, but a service.

Warranty policy: 1 year free warranty on the movement, lifetime maintenance, cost of accessories

  1. The watch movement is guaranteed for 1 year free of charge. Free warranty for non-man-made damage; man-made damage (such as problems caused by falling, bumping, clapping the table, causing water ingress beyond the waterproof range, shaking the watch vigorously, etc.) cost; accessories are usually consumables due to consumables The problem can be dealt with for you. The replacement of accessories is charged according to the cost, which is definitely several times cheaper than your replacement at the watch shop outside! Note: Even tens of thousands of genuine products are only warranted for movement, and replacement parts need to be charged.
  2. Provide cost maintenance for non-quality problems (that is, watch problems caused by man-made damage). Mainly include the problems caused by falls, collisions, slaps, and use beyond the waterproof standard. We provide cost maintenance, which is generally less than half of the cost of street watch repair.
  3. For watches beyond the warranty period, we provide lifetime cost maintenance.

How to return the watch

When you find a problem with the watch, please contact our website customer service on time. During work hours, you can contact me via online chat on the website. Please leave a message after office hours, your question will not exceed 12 hours. You will get a reply within 12 hours. The first thing to judge is whether the watch is a quality problem or whether you will not use it. If it is indeed a quality problem, please send the watch back to me, and do not send it in the watch box; remember to write the watch problem and the return address, phone number, and consignee with two pieces of paper when shipping. Remember to use the DHL courier, many other couriers are easy to lose, and there is no compensation for lost items. You must give me the DHL number after the delivery.


  1. If there is any problem with the watch, please contact the online customer service first. Don’t send it to me without telling me. Some customers in the past just sent the watch over without knowing it. As a result, there was nothing wrong with getting a watch. It just didn’t wind up.
  2. Don’t send the packaging box, because the packaging box is bumped back and forth several times during the transportation process, and the packaging box is basically scrapped. Even if it is returned to you, it will be a bad box;
  3. Remember to use DHL courier, many other couriers are easy to lose, and there is no compensation for lost;
  4. Must write a small note, register the watch problem and return mail address, contact phone number, and recipient, the maintenance master will follow the note, and the master who has not registered on the note may not be found to deal with it;
  5. Remember to send us the express number so that we can follow up on the situation.

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