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We sell Fake Rolex for around $100 (1:1 A-level China movement). The high price of Rolex Watches has spawned the counterfeit market. The replica watches market is full of fish and dragons, and there are many versions, one model of the watch. There are hundreds to thousands of prices, which will undoubtedly confuse many buyers. Especially sellers who have just entered the industry will be confused.

How many levels does Fake Rolex have?

  1. 1:1 A-class Swiss movement
    This is the first class. The case is copied one by one according to the authentic shape. The focus is on the movement. This type of watch will be equipped with the original Swiss mass production movement, mainly the ETA series. There is a functional shrinkage. However, for cost reasons, it is possible to use the unpolished version of the same movement, or a lower-grade movement with the same function
  2. 1:1 A-grade China movement
    This is second-class, usually called fine imitation and re-engraving. The first standard for this type of watch is that the case is very demanding, and it is made with a computer laser to compare with the real watch. Generally speaking, the mold making of this kind of imitation watch is first-class, and the case can be developed. The equipment must be at least one million. This type of case cannot be produced by ordinary small factories. The variety of this kind of imitation watches is not rich, because each case has a high cost to open the mold. The watch factory will not develop new styles at will, and it is generally a very popular style before the mold is manufactured.
  3. Ordinary imitation watch
    This is the third-class. The characteristics of this type of watch are a wide variety. Unlike the first two top-level imitation watches, these imitation watches can be assembled with some small stalls. And there are products of various brands, from high-end Patek Philippe to low-end four-line brands, as long as you know the style, you can basically find it. Because most of them are made by small factories, the accuracy of the case is often much worse than that of the real watch, and the dial is also literally different. Generally, mechanical movements such as the Pearl movement, Tianjin movement, and Beijing movement are installed, and there are also many domestic or imported quartz movements. The case with better quality is made of stainless steel, and some of them will also be plated with alloy. You should know that the price of the equipment for opening the steel mold and the equipment for opening the alloy mold is an order of magnitude different.
  4. Rough craft
    The workmanship of this type of watch is similar to that of ordinary imitation watches, except that the styles are not counterfeit according to the original version of the original. Some are even imaginative. Only the logo is the same as the authentic one, and the others are not the same.

The website mainly sells 1:1 A-grade China movements. I can also provide 1:1 A-grade Swiss movements. The price of Swiss movements is $500 +. If you are interested, please contact our online customer service.