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Q1. payment method?

We support credit card, BTC, Western Union.

Q2. How many days does the shipping time take?

We use DHL or EMS for transportation. 7-15 days after the order placed.

(Warm reminder: place an order before 4 pm, you can prepare for the inspection on the same day, so that you can receive the goods faster)
If you are not in a hurry, it is recommended to give us more time to test each performance to ensure quality. After all, watches are precision instruments and need careful tuning.

Q3. What are the big manufacturers in Replica watches?

N factory | ZF factory | BP factory | MK factory | Evergreen factory | HBBV6 factory | TG factory | JF factory | KW factory | H factory, etc.

Q4. Which factory is better?

It can’t be said which factory produces the best products. The major manufacturers have their own unique points, each with their own special styles. It is undeniable that they all have something in common: high simulation, excellent production, and sound. The after-sales system is more secure, buy fine imitation watches, look for big manufacturers! Buyers and friends don’t have to worry about it. Each replica factory has its flagship specialty products. Because they are all re-engraved, whether it ’s N, HBB, ZF KW, etc. As long as you buy it, you ca n’t go wrong! Of course, there are many on the market under the guise of big factories, and they can be refilled with ordinary Swiss or domestic products. This requires everyone to know the goods themselves. Do n’t be clever because you are greedy for the moment!

Q5. Can the price be cheaper?

The price of our house is really not expensive, all the real price, with no bargaining. The same watch with the same quality is definitely 100 $ + more expensive than ours.
Because we are in Guangzhou Watch City, we have the best geographical and geographical advantages, and we have great advantages in supply and price. Others cannot be cheaper than us, and even many online shops and micro-businesses take goods from us.
Some websites and Wechat are cheaper than ours, but they are definitely not of our quality. It will break in a few days and the case will fade.
Said it is a Swiss movement, how good is the quality, in fact, it is an ordinary good of one or two hundred yuan, fake can not be seen, it can be seen through the imitation watch. Many people even use pictures to fool people. The watches and pictures received are not the same.

Q6. Why does the price of replica watches range from $ 100- $ 500 to several thousand yuan?

Around 100 $ is using 316L stainless steel and Chinese-made movement
Around $ 500 is the use of 904L stainless steel 7750 movements. The movement is also produced in China.
We mainly sell the most cost-effective. You can contact our online customer service for replica watches about the 7750 movements.

Q7. Is the movement Swiss?

About 7500 movements belong to the 7750 movements produced in China
Seagull imitation Swiss movement around 100 $
The Swiss movement on the market is almost a seagull imitation Swiss movement (because manufacturers are equipped with seagull movements, only a few models will be equipped with original Swiss movements), the performance is close to the original Swiss movement, but the price is much more affordable With an original Swiss movement, a watch needs to reach about 1000 $ (some watches + money can be equipped with an original ETA movement).

Q8. How long can Replica watches last?

Watches are afraid of falling and getting into the water. Will hundreds or hundreds of thousands of watches be broken?
If you take it as a genuine product, its service life is about the same as that of a genuine product.
High imitation watches are useful for 7, 8 years, and genuine watches are also bad for 1, 2 years.

Q9. Is the watch waterproof?

Our watches are not waterproof by default. If you need a waterproof function, you need to buy a waterproof function. Add 30 $ extra fee
Different styles have different waterproof performances. Watches with high-end configurations and above can achieve the effect of putting in water. The common configuration is life waterproofing. Individual styles can swim in cold water.
Watches need to be protected. No matter how good the waterproof is, you can avoid it. For genuine 200m waterproof watches, the counter staff also recommends to avoid it.

Q10. Will the watch fade?

The white watch is made of stainless steel and will not fade
Gold watches use PVD electroplated gold, which does not fade when worn normally. If they bump, there is no guarantee that they will never fade. Only real gold will never fade.
Gold watches also use gold-coated technology, which has a high cost of more than 1,000 $. It takes about 20 days to ship gold.

Q11. Can the watch be fake?

We sell the most cost-effective version. Non-professionals can’t see the fake, rich people bring high imitation is also genuine, no wealthy people bring authentically is also high imitation, you buy the brand that now meets your current identity is the most suitable.

Q12. What is the error of mechanical watches?

Imported movement error is within the normal range of 30 seconds, generally within a few seconds to 10 a few seconds
The daily error of the domestic mechanical movement is within the normal range within 50 seconds, generally around 10 seconds to -20
The size of the error is related to many factors, such as power, air pressure, humidity, temperature, etc. The mechanical watch has a running-in period of 1-2 months. The error of the watch is large, and the error can be corrected.
Quartz watches have a daily error of 0.5 seconds.

Q13. How to adjust the time and date of the watch?

Pull the crown out of the first gear to adjust the date, and the second gear to adjust the time (if the thread is stuck, you need to turn it out counterclockwise)

Q14. Is there anything I should pay attention to when using mechanical watches?

1. A watch with a date display function, “8 pm to 2 am the next day” This period of time can be called the restricted area for adjustment of the date watch
2. No matter how many meters of the waterproof watch, do not take a hot bath and steam sauna, waterproof ring and waterproof paste are easy to aging, the watch needs to be cared for if the water can be avoided.