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At the end of the year, the CLEAN factory has a small number of internal testing and early adopters version of the real clean v4 latest version green circle, which kills the original v3 version green circle exclusive clean v1 version blue circle / same as the original blue and purple hand-polished three-dimensional pointer / no need to replace the substitute pointer .?Black-green/steel-colored water ghost, using AR steel belt.?Clean gold steel belt/AR steel belt (exclusive three-stage splicing head grain + side leak-proof steel) Clean top substitute green dial There are five styles of 116610 (black/green) pure steel shell water ghost 114060 (black) calendar-free water ghost 116613 (black/blue) gold water ghost This movement is currently only 3135, 2836 The delivery time is to be determined. Maybe you can get it. Much more than you think… Please look forward to it. Factory C will share with you.


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