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VS new 3135 SUB front milling details: The VS movement is completely in accordance with the genuine laundering process.?When everyone plays fork, they all want to buy a similar, good, stable one.?However, the replica 3135 movement on the market, so far, the workmanship precision of the common “blue hairspring” 3135 movement on the market, and the milled appearance of the movement is the same as the stainless steel basin/stainless steel table used at home. Bright (very reflective), the texture is not clear, the texture is very low end.?1. The color of the luminous beads is closer to the authentic quality.?Luminous bead glass is sapphire glass.?2. The color of the ceramic ring scale coating is more silvery and brighter, referring to the color of the new authentic ring.?The color of the used genuine ring mouth coating will turn a little silver-gray because of sweat, dirt, etc. The color of the ceramic ring mouth coating on the market is silver-gray.??Some sellers also think that silver gray is right, but those who have bought a brand new water ghost know that the new ring is bright silver.?The original ring and the VS ring are old, you can put it in an ultrasonic machine to clean it, and it will be silvery and silvery.?The background color of the ring on the market is silver-gray, and it will become dull and black when it is used.?3. The second, minute, and hour hands of VS are all genuine, and all the needle chamfers are made at the same right angle as the genuine one. Now they are rounded on the market, and many of them are not solid needle shafts.?4. The coating color of the magnifying glass is closer to the genuine one.?Anti-counterfeiting small crown details comparison.?5. VS polished the head and shell, and the foot is genuine.?Especially the head, the chamfer is polished in place, and the head is angular.?It will not grind the head to deformation.?6. The details of the shell and the head grain, there are steps on the side, and there is no gap on the front.?7. Steel belt grinding details.?Brushed, steel belt chamfer grinding.?8. Details of the buckle, crown on the front buckle, internal lettering 9. Raw ears.?Authentic open-molded raw ears


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Rolex Blaken Modified Green Glass Lightning


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